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  • Mobility scooters and Powered Wheelchairs are split into two main classes. Class 2 and Class 3. If you own a Class 2 product then it will be limited to a maximum of 4mph and can only be driven on the pavement or in shopping centres. It can be used to cross the road but not driven along the road. If you own a Class 3 scooter or powered wheelchair then you can drive it on either the road at up [...]

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    For some people the daily struggle to walk can become intolerable and the time taken to get from A to B can be too long. Here are a few pointers that might help when choosing an option to overcome this issue and help with day to day moving around. Self Propelled Manual Wheelchair This is where the user can propel themselves using the large wheels on the side. It does require a certain [...]

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    Motability Scheme


    You will all have heard of the Motability scheme when it comes to getting a car, but did you know you can now get a scooter or Powered wheelchair on the Motability scheme. If you receive either the high rate Mobility component of Disability living allowance (DLA) , Enhanced rate of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or the war veterans allowance then you are entitled to get a scooter or [...]

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